Universal AVR 8A

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<±1% Regulation
110/220/440 VAC Programmable Input
Rugged Compact Design
With Under Frequency Protection
Soft Start Voltage Ramping
EMI Suppression
Built-in Hihg Capacity 8A mp Fuse


  • SensingInput Voltage       110/220/400 VAC,1 phase 2 wire
  • Power Input Voltage        100-260VAC,1 phase 2wire
  • Output     Voltage            Max.90VDC 240VAC input

          Current             Continuous 3A ,    Intermittent 5A for 10SEE

          Resistance         Min.15Ω Max.100Ω

  • Volts Regulation          <±1%(qith 4% engine governing)
  • Voltage Build-up            Residual volts at AVR teminal>5VAC
  • External Volts Adjustment     ±7% with 1KΩ1 watt trimmer
  • Sotf Start Ramp Time      2 sec.
  • Unit Power Dissipation    Max.8 Watt
  • EMI Suppression           Internal Electromagnetic Interference Filtering
  • Thermal.Drift             0.03%per ℃ chage in AVR ambient 
  • Under Frequency Protection 60HZ system presets knee point at 55HZ
    (Factory Settings)          50HZ system presets knee point at 45HZ
  • Vibration 3G @100-2k Hz
  • Operating Temperature -40-65℃