Universal AVR 15A

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AVR 15A Is standard type automatic voltage regulator for alternators.


Universal Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 15A

AVR 15A Is a standard type automatic voltage regulator for alternators.

Simple and suitable almost all of generators

One of main advantage of AVR 15A is , working in parallel with other generators. AVR 15A Has current compansation input for parallel running. Current transformer ratio is 1A for secondary. Primary ratio is depends on alternator ratio.
AVR 15A Is very simple and can be adapted to almost all generators , alternators in the market . Too easy wiring and connections makes it very preferred product for ships and power plants.

Technical Benefits

Voltage Set-up: The voltage set up when the remnant magnetism greater than 4V 25Hz
Input power Supply :  AC 160~260V 50/60Hz
Maximum Output    :  DC 15A   90V ( When the voltage reaches AC 207V )
Frequency Compensation : Built-in low speed protective circuit.
Regulation factor : Less than 1%
Parallel running with other generators