Graviner Mk7

Mk7 Oil Mist Detection System

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The Graviner Mk 7 OMD provides the following benefits:

Auto addressed system monitoring up to 10 detector heads per control unit
Up to 10 control units per single system.
Suitable for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.
Elimination of sample pipes – reduced installation costs.
Engine mounted Control Unit.
Remote Display Unit mounted in a safe area, typically the Engine Control Room (ECR).





Oil Mist Detection (OMD) techniques have been used to monitor diesel engine crankcases for potential explosive conditions and early detection of bearing failures. The systems available rely mainly on analysing the optical density of oil mist samples drawn from the crankcase compartments, through pipes to the detector. While these systems proved successful in the past, engine design has improved significantly over the years and oil mist detection techniques have improved substantially to maintain adequate protection.